Seller Success Stories

For over 30 years, Paul Rosso has been helping local home sellers with his exclusive Home Marketing System.  Here are a couple of his seller’s success stories…

Wayne and Linda’s Success Story
Wayne and Linda had their home on the market for 353 days with no success. They kept re-listing with the same agent and kept getting the same results. They finally realized that going with the same agent and expecting different results was not a good idea. They set out to hire an experienced, highly skilled agent and chose Paul to sell their home. Paul determined the reason their home did not sell was easy to do repairs that hadn't been done were turning off buyers. Paul worked with the sellers to correct these issues. He then implemented a highly aggressive marketing plan and SOLD the home for the highest possible price in 81 days.
Michael and Zofia’s Success Story
Michael and Zofia were frustrated that their home did not sell with their first agent.  Before putting their home back on the market again, the interviewed several agents, including Paul Rosso.  Although they felt that Paul was the best qualified agent to get their home sold, they decided to go with another agent who  promised them a high price ad other incentives to get the listing.  Although the promises and incentives sounded great, they did not help to get the home sold.  Michael and Zofia had to suffer through a couple more months of agony and frustration.  They finally realized that experience, skill, and a proven track record were more important than promises and incentives.  When the second agent's contract expired, they immediately hired Paul to get the job done.  Paul listed the home, implemented his proven, aggressive marketing plan, and SOLD the home for top dollar in 16 days.

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