Selling Your Home In Today’s Market

A Personal Message To Potential Home Sellers

Our homes are lifetime investments coupled with strong personal ties.  Selling a home ranks among my clients most important experiences and I approach my task with sensitivity, concern and professional competence.

Over and over, I find that my policy of conducting a diligently prepared market analysis of your property and reviewing it in detail with you reduces the time spent on trial and error and leads to a faster sale, at a better price ad with less inconvenience to you.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Is Your Goal To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar Quickly?

You’ve probably come to this website page because you’re thinking about selling your home.  At the Paul Rosso Real Estate Experts Team, we’ve had amazing success helping our clients to reach their home selling goals.  Our team has the tools to create more demand for your home that gets more buyers through your home. Ultimately, the more people who see your home, the quicker it sells and the more money you put in your pocket. Our goal is your goal – get your home sold in a reasonable time frame and for the most amount of money with the least amount of hassle. That’s it, NO gimmicks. NO hassle.


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Here Are Some Success Stories of Sellers We Have Helped…Yours Is Next

Paul Rosso has helped many sellers get their home SOLD.  His aggressive Home Selling System is designed to help sell his seller’s home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of inconvenience.  Here are some examples of seller’s Paul has been able to help:

Wayne and Linda had their home on the market for 353 days with no success. They kept re-listing with the same agent and kept getting the same results. They finally realized that going with the same agent and expecting different results was not a good idea for them. They set out to hire an experienced, highly skilled agent and chose Paul to sell their home. Paul determined the reason their home did not sell was easy to do repairs that hadn’t been recommended by their previous agent and were turning off buyers. Paul worked with the sellers to correct these issues. He then implemented a highly aggressive marketing plan and SOLD their home for the highest possible price in 81 days.

Michael and Zofia were frustrated that their home did not sell with their first agent. Before putting their home back on the market, they interviewed several agents, including Paul Rosso. Although they felt that Paul was the best qualified agent to get their home sold, they decided to go with an agent who promised them a high price and several incentives to get the listing. Although the promises and incentives sounded great, they did not help to get the home sold. The sellers finally realized that experience, skill, and a proven track record were more important than promises and incentives. When the second agents’ contract expired, they immediately hired Paul to get the job done. Paul listed their home, implemented his proven aggressive marketing plan, and SOLD their home for top dollar in 16 days.

Angelo and Jem had their home on the market for 295 days with an agent who was also a friend. During that time, they had 2 contracts on their home but, unfortunately, both deals fell through a couple of days before closing. Their attorney highly recommended Paul to sell their home because of his extensive experience, his skill in selling homes, and his ability to overcome hurdles that could prevent a successful closing. Paul was able to evaluate the problems that caused the canceled closings and worked out a solution to the problems. It took a little extra work that the other agent hadn’t bothered to do but Paul got the job done. He implemented an aggressive marketing plan and SOLD the home for top dollar in 48 days.

Margaret had her home on the market for 165 days and hadn’t heard from her agent in weeks. She realized that the old, traditional, passive ways of selling home no longer worked. She sought out an energetic, results oriented agent with a great customer service program and hired Paul to sell her home. Paul listed the home, implemented the Paul Rosso Home Selling System, and SOLD her home in 5 days for a great price.

The Top 10 Reasons Homes Do Not Sell:


10. Lack of communication with your agent including low showing feedback

9. Location of the property versus the competition

8. Didn’t us a tech savvy agent familiar with the latest in internet and social media marketing

7. Poor internet viewing to showings ratio

6. You are battling high competition and/or market conditions

5. Your agent didn’t recommend how to make sure your home is competitive in the market place

4. Ineffective Marketing – The old traditional ways of selling homes that most agents use are no longer effective

3. The condition of the property and perhaps the lack of a “wow factor”

2. You didn’t hire the right agent for the job of selling your home. Perhaps you had a PPP agent

1. The price of your home based on the condition, location, and most recent comparable sales.

Call Paul today at 215-778-9687 so he can discuss these reasons further, see if any of them apply to your home, and design a plan for working together to do what it will take to get your home SOLD!


Let us know how we can help you with selling your home:

To get started with the successful sale and closing of your home, just let us know where your home or property is located and how we can get in touch with you or call Paul at 215-778-9687 and we will get our marketing program started:



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